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Support in Europe

The EU Victims’ Directive

An EU Directive exists to ensure that all countries in the EU provide certain rights and protection to victims of all crimes. Some of the rights outlined in the Directive include:

  • Receiving appropriate information;
  • Being supported, protected and able to participate in criminal proceedings;
  • Being recognised and treated in a respectful, tailored, and non-discriminatory manner;
  • Having access to interpretation and translation;
  • Being referred on to services for support, free of charge.

Support services in Europe

Support services in Europe differ from country to country. Victim Support Europe (VSE) is the European umbrella organisation advocating on behalf of victims of crime, no matter what the crime, no matter who the victim is. VSE represents 44 national member organisations, providing support and information services in 26 countries.

VSE is committed to working to improve the situation for victims of crime in Europe. They believe all victims are entitled to support and assistance in the aftermath of crime, regardless of whether or not the crime is reported to the police.

If you are affected by crime in a European country (outside the UK), you can find information on support services in individual counties by visiting the Victim Support Europe website and searching for your country.

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