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Ministry of Justice Guidance

The Ministry of Justice provides a Victims’ Information Service website which details services provided by local police and crime commissioners. They also provide this information by phone: 0808 168 9293.

This website also provides detailed guidance on what happens after a crime and how you can get support to help you recover from a crime. Please follow the links below to access this information.

What happens after a crime

Reporting a crime

  • Telling the police
  • If you’re afraid or nervous
  • Is it a crime?
  • Keeping up to date
  • Giving a statement
  • Support after a crime

During the police investigation

  • Keeping you informed
  • Extra help if you need it
  • Privacy
  • The outcome of the investigation
  • The decision to take a case to court
  • Will you have to go to court?

Going to court

  • Getting ready to go to court
  • Understanding what might happen
  • Helping you give your best evidence
  • When the trial begins
  • The verdict and sentencing

After the trial

  • Joining the Victim Contact Scheme
  • If the offender appeals
  • If new information is found
  • Support after the trial ends
  • Unwanted contact from the offender

Helping you recover from a crime

Helping you recover from a crime

  • Making support easy to find
  • How your local support team can help
  • Claiming compensation

Support after reporting a crime

  • How your needs will be met
  • Who will keep you informed
  • Making a complaint

Making a Victim Personal Statement

  • What is a Victim Personal Statement?
  • When can you make a VPS?
  • What happens with your statement in court
  • Getting your voice heard
  • Other ways your VPS might be used

Getting extra help in court

  • Helping you give your best evidence
  • Other help in court

Joining the Victim Contact Scheme

  • Staying informed
  • Who can join the scheme
  • If the offender is being treated in hospital

Taking part in restorative justice

  • What is restorative justice?
  • How it can help you
  • How it can help the offender
  • How it works

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