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About Us

Seeking help when you’re a victim of crime should be easy, but finding the right support can be confusing. We want victims to be able to make informed choices by knowing what’s available and hearing the experiences of other victims, just like them.

Victims Choice provides information on victim services across the UK and identifies specifically services available in a victims’ local area. It allows services to be reviewed by those who have used them, helping others to make more informed choices about what is available.

How the site works

Search by town/city or postcode: anyone affected by crime can put in their postcode or town/city to find victim services located close to them.

Search by provider name: if you already know the name of a service provider, click on ‘search by provider name’ under the search bar and put in the name of the organisation.

Leave a review: help others with their choice of a service by leaving feedback after using a service. Press ‘Leave Feedback’ on the provider you wish to review. Alternatively, press ‘Leave Feedback’ on the homepage and start typing the name of the service you used in the search bar to find the organisation.

Find out more information as a victim of crime: click ‘Victims Rights’ on the navigation bar to find out more information about your rights. Find more detailed help from the Ministry of Justice by selecting ‘Specialist Help After a Crime’ or ‘Ministry of Justice Guidance’ and click on the links provided.

Supporting Justice

Victims Choice website has been developed by Supporting Justice: we are a Community Interest Company that works in the criminal justice arena, specialising in issues affecting victims, witnesses and their needs. Find out more information about what we do at:

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