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Specialist help after a crime

The Ministry of Justice has information on getting specialist help after a crime. Please follow the links below to access this guidance.

I've been attacked

  • Getting help fast
  • Getting help to recover
  • After reporting an attack

I'm being stalked or harassed

  • Understanding stalking and harassment
  • Is it a crime?
  • After reporting harassment

I'm a young victim of crime

  • Extra help from the start
  • What happens if you report a crime
  • If your case goes to court
  • After the trial

I've been sexually assaulted

  • Deciding to report an assault
  • How to tell the police
  • What might happen next
  • How the police will help

I'm living with domestic violence

  • Understanding domestic violence
  • What you can do if it happens to you
  • What to do if you think someone's being hurt
  • After reporting domestic violence

A close relative has been killed

  • If they were a victim of murder or manslaughter
  • If they were a victim of a road crime
  • Extra support through the criminal process

I've experienced hate crime

  • What is hate crime?
  • Getting emotional and practical support
  • Reporting a hate crime
  • After reporting it to the police

I'm a relative of a victim

  • Get police help
  • Be prepared
  • Understand what support to expect

I'm a victim of terrorism

  • I'm a victim of a terrorist attack

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