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The first Quality Mark has been awarded

We have previously posted about the Victims Choice Quality Mark which looks at how well an organisation delivers its services to victims. The Quality Mark is focused on outcomes (what the service actually delivers to those who use it and how effective it is) and so differs from other assessment processes that often look at processes, policies and systems.

We are delighted to tell you that we have now awarded our first Quality Mark to Derbyshire Victim Services. DVS offers support to victims of crime and anti social behaviour in Derbyshire and is run by Remedi which delivers restorative justice services in several areas across northern England.

Derbyshire Victim Services offers an excellent service to victims and our assessment team were hugely impressed by the commitment and effectiveness of the staff and volunteers who deliver this. Their approach is inclusive and they demonstrated their willingness to “go that extra mile” that is so often the key to being able to reach an individual where they are (not where someone thinks they should be) and offer them the holistic approach to support that they need. The whole team works as one and we were impressed to observe a culture of mutual support and flexibility where the staff and volunteers clearly put the needs of the victim first.

The award to DVS was made after we not only looked at what the service says it will do (a pre assessment including a review of policies and other documentation) but, most importantly, what we heard and saw when we visited the service and spoke to staff, volunteers and those who actually benefit, victims. It was heartening to hear from some victims about the commitment and determination of DVS to make a difference to lives that had been affected by crime and where support, tangible support, was so badly needed.

We will be joining with Remedi and DVS colleagues at a media event in the coming weeks where the QM award will be celebrated with key partners and stakeholders. As well as celebrating this success the event will also help get the message across to any other victims who may need help that it is available. We are delighted to be a part of this and offer wholehearted congratulations to the team at DVS for the excellent work they demonstrated and continue to deliver.

We are confident that the QM will help organisations provide even more effective service than they may already do and if your organisation is interested in learning more about our  QM and how it can help deliver even more effective services  please get in touch here - we are keen to help. Whether you deliver or fund services for victims we hope that you see real benefits in the QM for organisations, individuals and, most importantly, victims.


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