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Suffolk Rape Crisis

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We will support any woman or girl (aged 14 years and older) who feels she needs our service. Women and girls call us days, weeks, months and even years after the assault. It is never too late to talk about the impact of sexual violence. Suffolk Rape Crisis provides a women-only space, for women and girls to feel safe, heard, overcome stigma, and to talk about their experiences without fear and judgement. Through engaging with Rape Crisis services women are given the possibility to explore their options, to seek justice, to take back control of their lives and to repair the harms violence has caused them. Through its counselling services and through the associated signposting and referral of women to other organisations which may help them, Suffolk Rape Crisis aims to empower women who have experienced rape and other forms of sexual violence, and to help them live healthier, more rewarding lives.


Female survivors aged 14 and above

Ipswich town centre, IP1 3BE

0800 0850 520
01473 231200


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Support services

Suffolk Rape Crisis provides the following support services:

Emotional Support,  Counselling,  Support Groups.

Crime types

Suffolk Rape Crisis works within the following crime types:

Sexual Violence/Abuse,  Child Sexual Exploitation/Abuse (CSE/CSA),  Forced Marriage/'Honour-Based' Violence.

Opening hours

Office open 9-5 Monday-Friday. Helpline open 7-9pm Tuesday and Thursday evenings

Suffolk Rape Crisis Reviews

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Regions covered

Suffolk Rape Crisis serves the following regions:


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